What is the Dog Knowledge Certification?

  • a way to ensure you have accurate, up-to-date knowledge about dog behaviour via relevant, evidence-based studies and qualified behaviour experts in the field
  • continuing education through lectures, video and Q&A
  • a customized focus based on your needs

I realized quickly that many dog care professionals may not have access to continued education, and if they did, if was often rife with misinformation. I wondered how to bridge the gap between what I was teaching my clients and what their service providers may or may not know. How could I make YOUR job easier by understanding behaviour better? How could my current clients be sure their pet professionals were qualified to care for their pet and understand the basics of dog behaviour? I started consulting with pet care businesses and Dog Knowledge Certified started taking shape.

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Who is behind Dog Knowledge?


Renée Erdman is the owner of Bravo Dog Training & Behaviour Consulting. She is a graduate of Jean Donaldson's Academy for Dog Trainers, considered the Harvard for Dog Training. She has many certifications and credentials and has been consulting with pet related businesses for some time now, specializing in dog behaviour, fear, aggression and behaviour challenges.

She is an engaging presenter and an advocate for evidence-based information about our canine companions.  Dog Knowledge is about getting accurate information into the hands of those that work closely with dogs.