ONLINE Level 1
Take your certification online. This in-depth course is a great foundation course introducing canine behavior.

1.  Introduction
2.  Behaviour Myths
3.  Breed Types & Behaviour
4.  How Dogs Learn
5.  Motivation
6.  Fear and Aggression
7.  Dog-Dog Play and Socialization
8.  Punishment and Equipment
9.  Ethics in Working with Dogs

*if you do not pass your exam and wish to take it again there is a $20 fee

In-Person Seminars

Level 2
February 24, 10am - 2pm
Price: $225/person

1. What is "Normal" Dog Behaviour? What Can Be Modified, What is Genetic?
2. Developmental Stages in Canines
2. Common Behaviour Challenges and Solutions
3. Fear and Aggression: Prevention, Management and Treatment

  • Counter Conditioning
  • DRI (Differential Reinforcement of Incompatible Behavior)

4. How Dogs Learn Advanced: Operant and Classical Conditioning, the Quadrants of Reinforcement and Punishment
6. Veterinary Behavioural Medications and How they Work: Dr. Claudia Richter, DVM



Please email us if you would like us to present at your facility. Otherwise, courses take place at Bravo Dog Training & Behaviour Consulting in North Vancouver, BC

Level Two Certification
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