What People Are Saying...

Nicky Wilke, Wilke Walks
"The internet is flooded with conflicting and damaging misinformation regarding dog behaviour, that it can sometimes be challenging to decipher between fact and fiction. As someone who shares my life with a dog and also works professionally with dogs, it is crucial to sift through all the clutter and seek out accurate science-based knowledge. With Dog Knowledge Certified, it is done for you! This level 1 course debunks a lot of popular dog myths, gives a solid overview of canine behaviour, body language and you walk away feeling empowered knowing that you were presented with evidence-based information that helps not harms our canine friends. I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in dog behaviour and I’m excited to learn even more in the next level!"

Katie Campbell, Katies Pet Care
"Loved the course and learned a lot of useful things. I would highly recommend to all pet professionals and to anyone who just wants to understand their furry companions better."

Melissa Hubling, Pawsh Pet Services
"The knowledge provided in the program is well worth the time and cost, eagerly awaiting attending level 2. Would recommend to any pet professional!" 



Lindsay Suckling, Executive Directior, WAG

The Whistler animal shelter (WAG) is honored to have Renee Erdman of Bravo Dog Training and Behavior Consulting come and present to our staff regularly about canine behavior and force free training. Thanks to Renee’s easy to understand style and approachability, our staff is able to learn a ton and ask all our questions! This knowledge will be a huge asset for shelters everywhere, when working with their dogs and training the humans!”


Bylaw Services, Resort Municipality of Whistler

“Renée provided an informative presentation debunking common myths and educating our team on dog behaviour.  She provided a great platform for discussion and sharing knowledge that engaged our team.  Now that our staff know more about why dogs behave the way they do staff are more confident in their jobs. I highly recommend Renée and her skills in coaching humans.“.